Country Life

Summer means country life for me, in the rural Transylvanian mountains. For the first time I am connected while here, with the internet at my fingertips through my htc phone. I wondered how that would work out.
As a matter of fact, it makes less and less of a difference… to previous years. Life unplugged is just so overwhelming and demanding, that one has to carve out a few minutes to check the streams, online ones that is.
Rural life does not succumb easily to my online presence.
However I noticed that while my personality here in Transylvania is different from the one at home, my online personality has not changed and exerts a comforting stability in the back of my mind.


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One response to “Country Life

  • Bob Kesner

    Lovely verbiage re country living on the other side of the world (I do the same in VT).

    I was a close childhood friend of Dante Dapolonia–I send him books, emails some $–but I cannot read his work on Scriptd. Would you pls. help?


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