Hello, all you darling readers,



I’m Irma, from Rastatt, Germany and I teach English for a living. I’m passionate about e-learning.

Actually, I’m bilingual and have lived away from Germany most of my life. It’s tough to fit in here, and most likely that’s not what I’d like to achieve anyway.

Doning a mask is a welcome relief, so I’m a Clinic Clown as well, visiting old folks’ homes and kindergartens to bring a bit of cheer.

Never a dull moment…

In the past few years I’ve added another register to my voice and started singing jazz. I like was youtubing, illustrating my favorite songs, and learning archery, and juggling.

I’m a mother of seven and my kids are grown. Now I try to recapture a life for myself which is a bit of a challenge after always being there for others.

guitar and notes

music is never far

Life is a lot more fun now

with new technologies at hand. Just think: Martin Luther would have been elated having 1000 readers, Shakespeare would have jumped for joy at having 1000 strong audience and medieval minstrels hardly had the voice to sing to 1000 listeners.

Recapture the little things

like writing (scribd.com), the thrill of an empty page, the soft glow of a new document on my screen, the visual aspects of creating an e-document.

Like princes and princesses

the art of letting go

we live in a realm of unknown splendor, living with our basic needs met, having quite a bit of luxury on top of it, time on our hands to pursue our passions and moving about with ease. A few decades ago, the comforts we have at our disposal were unfathomable, so were the opportunities we have. The world has moved forward to tolerance and care, fuelled by global communication.

Living these times

is exciting, the fruit of our ancestors’ work and aspirations.

Life is everything

we want it to be.


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