Two lives

So far, I’ve been inclined to consider my physical life real and my online activity supplementary.

As a matter of fact, the term ‘Second life’ may very well be real. At the moment, I’m travelling and taking pains to get online to continue my presence there seamlessly. That is pretty real… The fact that I get responses from online friends contributes greatly to my well-being. There is a sense of connectedness, that I’m not alone, even though at the moment, I may not have a soul to talk to except my dogs.

The beauty about my online presence is that presenting my personality is much more manageable. Naturally, when we rub shoulders with people, most of what transmits is non-verbal. When we connect online most of what transmits is media-driven. But handling this media is highly creative and brings out aspects of me, that would otherwise be washed under in the daily grind.

This creativity has a real effect on my everyday life.  


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One response to “Two lives

  • jwr1947

    Thank you for sharing these thoughts, Irma.

    Writing helps to concentrate on discipline in thinking. Thank you for your hint to use other tools. I am still testing various possibilities, but I do not want to invest too much effort in different systems.

    Thank you for your photographs of your Vienna visit. I remember Vienna as the dormant heart of a morbid, great empire with great architecture and artwork.



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