Monthly Archives: July 2010

I love hats.

Gotta look the part, that’s what my clown teacher said. I was checking out other clowns and decided that long hair would get in the way of a true clown…

Time was ripe and the cut was quick. I can’t say that it’s easy to get used to. But it certainly is more clownesque. Like in “The Emperor’s New Clothes” one should listen to what children have to say about one’s apparel. After my clown show today, I took off my make-up. Somehow some of the kids watched me, and they said: “You look better when you are a clown…”

Thank you, kiddos, for a wee word of wisdom.


Being centered feels light

Aligning is bliss. There is a natural boost of support when our personality is aligned. I think it’s worth achieving, no matter what the weights are we have to drop.

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