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Summer is over

Thinking back over the summer in Romania, what stood out is the executive role I consistently took in order to get things done. There was no letting up, one thing led to the other, and I got the hang of it after an initial rough phase.

My life here in Germany consists of flowing with events, rather than initiating processes. If I wished to do so, I’d have to up my lifestyle which is cumbersome. Here, being on the active side of life doesn’t increase my quality of life. Not so in Romania. Every little thing I do makes my life better.

This year, settling back into the winter routine seems uncomfortable. The confines feel narrow and I can’t find my step. Feels like changes are ahead.


Two lives

So far, I’ve been inclined to consider my physical life real and my online activity supplementary.

As a matter of fact, the term ‘Second life’ may very well be real. At the moment, I’m travelling and taking pains to get online to continue my presence there seamlessly. That is pretty real… The fact that I get responses from online friends contributes greatly to my well-being. There is a sense of connectedness, that I’m not alone, even though at the moment, I may not have a soul to talk to except my dogs.

The beauty about my online presence is that presenting my personality is much more manageable. Naturally, when we rub shoulders with people, most of what transmits is non-verbal. When we connect online most of what transmits is media-driven. But handling this media is highly creative and brings out aspects of me, that would otherwise be washed under in the daily grind.

This creativity has a real effect on my everyday life.  

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