Made a discovery

When importing documents sometimes you end up with soft returns at the end of the lines, i.e. an arrow down andsoft return symbol left, like the one that’s on your keyboard. In openoffice, if you want to turn those into proper (hard) pilcrowparagraph symbols, use find and replace, under options, set “regular expressions” and type in BOTH sections– ta taaa– \n Oh the wonder of it all, myodt document will format after all.

Boom-de-yada, Boom-de-yada, Boom-de-yada, Boom-de-yada,


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2 responses to “Made a discovery

  • J. Richter

    Hi Irma, – ta taaa–,
    You just have discovered the most important feature in Open Office! The paragraph-symbol seems to be the main object in word-processing. If you copy text from the web and ignore the 65,000-limit in Open Office the textprocessor may crash! This is a serious source for problems in Open Office, which I have been discussing in the OOo-Forum. See “Working with list styles”

    • irmaLAdouce

      Actually, I’ve just tried out this opensource writer, storybook. The exported material is full of soft returns that make decent formatting in Oo-writer impossible. If I hadn’t found this solution, I would have discontinued using storybook.

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